Emily H

Emily H


My education history is varied (I found it difficult to narrow down my interests) - when I finished Year 12, I went on to study Interior Design, then Building Design as I have a passion for sustainable home design. Although my love for wildlife led to me studying Conservation and Land Management. Again, I did not finish this course and landed in a job in Dental and completed my Cert III in Dental Assisting. I realised during this time that I thoroughly enjoyed working with people, helping them and making them smile. I took a big leap of faith and quit my Oral Surgical Assistant career and I am now studying Cert III in Individual Supports, which I will complete mid year 2024. 



I have loved art and crafts my entire life, with fine art drawing my absolute favourite. I love to spend hours at a time drawing realism or detailed abstract art. I also enjoy working with polymer clay. Gardening is my other passion, my garden is my happy place. I love Australian natives, my garden is specifically designed for native birds and bugs! I am currently working on a design for a veggie garden! Lastly, I cannot do anything without music. My taste varies greatly across genres, I always enjoy being introduced to new music! 

Tell us about yourself? Including what you like about being a support worker.

I am an empath with a sensitive soul. I was brought up to be open-minded and treat everyone with kindness and respect. I like to view life as an adventure and believe in taking each day as it comes, immersing myself in the present moment. I feel so grateful to be a support worker, as this means I am able to share life's experiences with others and witness their joy. I love bonding with people and supporting them to live their lives and achieve their goals. There’s nothing better than coming home and knowing you have made a positive impact. 

Quirky questions- 

  • In another life, I’m pretty sure I was… a Goat. I can relate to their chaotic energy
  • The best piece of advice I have ever been given is… This Too Shall Pass (a reminder to acknowledge the temporary nature of life’s moments, whether good or bad)
  • If I were a superhero, my superpower would be… Shapeshifting or Teleporting!
  • Cats or dogs? Cats (also obsessed with birds :D) 
  • My favourite movie is… The Big Lebowski…I love a quirky comedy