Hopefully starting a bachelor of education, majoring in special education and primary in July 2024. I have a cert 4 in Nutrition, cert 3 in Assistant Dance Teaching and Sport & Recreation. I always thought I would go into the sporting industry as a exercise scientist or myotherapist, but when I started as a support worker that all changed. I have been working in the disability industry as a support worker for 2 years now and have absolutely enjoyed learning about those who I have worked with. 




My hobbies include:

+ Reading; definitely a crime/thriller lover!! Have just finished reading the Good Girls Guide to Murder series. Highly recommend! All time favourite series is the Enemy by Charlie Higson, also highly recommend!!

+ Being outside and exploring nature

+ Dancing; 15 years of dance under my belt

+ And being with my dog Noodle. She is my baby, my best friend and was the best spur of the moment decision I ever made

Tell us about yourself? Including what you like about being a support worker

I live by the motto of “Life’s too short, make the most of it”. This quote was said by my favourite youtuber Tom Cassell (Syndicate/Life of Tom). I was brought up it a poor family, we didnt have much. I have always been taught to take it one day at a time as you never know what could change the next, which is what this motto is about. Its even tattooed on my body!

I am passionate about helping children and young people. I myself am a big child at heart, and have always worked with kids. I feel so at home when I’m around kids and young people. I enjoy learning about the individual I work with, and being able to grow with them along the journey that we are on. 

Quirky questions - 

  1. In another life, I'm pretty sure I was a… Probably an ant, small but mighty. And very hard working
  2. The best piece of advice I've ever been given is…. Don’t let anyone take away your sparkle
  3. If I were a superhero, my superpower would be….. Mind reading or being able to talk to animals - I’d love to understand why my housemate dogs non stop
  4. Cats or dogs? Dogs all the way
  5. What's your favourite movie? The Greatest Showman